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The Rose Throne

The Rose Throne - Mette Ivie Harrison Princesses! Princesses who actually understand princess responsibilities re: kingdoms and marrying and having kids. These princesses aren’t the frou-frou, super modern romance princesses you may be used to from other YA books. I found that very refreshing. It was SO NICE to have more realism in a book with royalty and romance and magic! The realism balanced out the fantastical bits, and I think it made the story more exciting than it would have been had either of the princesses been more like someone transposed from today’s society into an early medieval-ish era.That said, I DID have a problem with the development of one of the romances. I don’t know if my ARC was missing a section or what, but it basically went like this:Princess: Hello! I am a princess.Dude: Hello! I am here to get you married to a prince (who is not me).P: Okay, I accept.D: YOU HATE ME YOU HATE ME I CAN’T STAND ITP: NO I LOVE YOU I SWEARD: OUR LOVE IS DOOMEDP: WOE IS USFollowed by various depressing scenes were they have lots of unadvised (as it could get them killed if someone noticed it) sexual tension followed by an improbable happy ending.Read the rest of my review at Here There Be Books.

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