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Makers - Makers is set in the near-future, which is something that tends to interest me. I like seeing what authors think our future is going to be like, and CD apparently thinks ours is going to basically be like it is now, only with people wearing fetus necklaces as fashion statements. (Seriously.)Other things in this book: a serious anti-fat obsession culminating in a medical breakthrough that makes people un-fat with a few pills, anti/pro-Disney flipflopping, people crying all over the place, a brief fling at a new way of running businesses that fails horribly, a REALLY TERRIBLE sex scene that did nothing except gross me the hell out, and various things CD is interested in, like blogging and inventing stuff out of garbage and so on.The blogging and inventing stuff was the most interesting part of the book; the rest of it...oh, I don’t know. Like most of CD’s books, there’s a LOT packed in here. I don’t really want to unpack it all because I have other stuff to do, okay– but for once the multitudes of topics feels relatively even. Sometimes, in his earlier books, he’d go off on a tangent about wifi routers or whatever and it didn’t fit anywhere into the main plotline and made no sense in the context of the rest of the book. Here, everything fits. So huzzah for that!Read the rest of my review at my blog.

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