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Also Known As

Also Known As - Robin Benway As soon as I saw the cover of Also Known As I knew two things:1. I really wanted to read it and2. It was probably going to be massively fun and adorable.Later I found out that Robin Benway wrote [b:Audrey Wait|1627267|Audrey, Wait!|Robin Benway||1621335] which I've heard very good things about but have yet to read. So I requested Also Known As on NetGalley and lo and behold! It WAS massively fun and completely adorable. I kept saying on Twitter and whatnot that it reminded me of Anna and the French Kiss with spies, and it DOES. It is! It's lighthearted and fluffy and there's some really good dialogue between the protagonist (Maggie) and her love interest.Keep in mind that the point of Also Known As isn't necessarily the spy stuff. The point is the romance/friendship/becoming a "real person" stuff. The spy stuff is important because it leads INTO the other stuff, but for most of the book it's set aside until the third act.Read the rest of my review on my blog!

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