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April Lady

April Lady - Georgette Heyer Originally reviewed at Here There Be Books.My first Georgette Heyer book, a mystery, did not go so well. April Lady, on the other hand, is a regency romance and it was SO. MUCH. BETTER! Huzzah! Thanks so much to the nice lady at the Sourcebooks booth who recommended April Lady to me at ALA Annual last year. I did indeed enjoy it! Yes!An interesting thing about this romance is that the hero and heroine are already married. But! They are married in the PAST, aka history, and that means they each think the other married them for convenience (and/or cash monies) and so there are misunderstandings and sadfaces all around. The misunderstandings, though, actually make sense and didn't annoy me! Which is definitely yay-worthy because tbh most romances with misunderstandings at the center of the plot tend to be really, really stupid. April Lady is not that kind of book.I really love it when the hero is desperately in love with the heroine, and it makes him go growly sometimes. But not in an abusive way! And yeah, Nell is kinda dumb. But she's a teenager who (I think) didn't even go to finishing school, so what do you expect, eh? One thing, though: Letty, Nell's sister-in-law, is a spoiled brat. She has a huge tantrum that lasts about half of the book. I'm surprised she didn't throw a clot and die, but that would've maybe been too serious for April Lady. But OH, how I wish it had happened! Letty! I hate you. I can't BELIEVE everyone around you just gave in and let you have what you wanted after you screwed them all around for 150 pages. If ever there was a time for tragedy and death and Dire Consequences, it was IN THIS BOOK. Or at least a debilitating fire or something! Sheesh.

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