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False Colours

False Colours - Georgette Heyer -- Originally reviewed at Here There Be Books. --Yes, another Georgette Heyer book! There's just something about them that makes me feel like I'm surrounded by a snuggly blanket. They're clever and funny but they ALSO have some really great characters who get into trouble that somehow never seems cliched. Even False Colours, which is a feat considering it deals with Twin Switch, possibly one of the MOST cliched plot devices ever.However! It works out really great, maybe because the book is from Christopher's POV (a dude! somewhat unusual for a Heyer book) and he is adorable for reals. His mother is fantastic, too: she's flighty and a bit stupid, but not in an insulting way (if you know what I mean?). If she were a guy she'd be a kind of absentminded professor sort-- anyway, the two of them get into a real tangled mess, and much of the book is them trying to work their way out of it.This is both hilarious and heart-warming! The romance is, of course, very sweet and lovely and I adore the heroine, who should definitely win a medal for putting up with Christopher and his family. I also really liked how she was somewhat atypical for Regency times: she's on the edge of becoming a spinster but she doesn't seem THAT worried about it, and for most of the book she's playing an active role in maintaining the hero's cover. Yay, active heroines!On the whole, though it uses a super played-out plot device, False Colours was a wonderful read. The romance is sweet, the characters are fully-fleshed out people, and the situations they put themselves in are HILARIOUS. Woohoo!

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