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Interview with Courtney Eldridge, author of GHOST TIME! + Giveaway

Ghost Time - Courtney Eldridge

Ghost Time developed out of a multimedia collaboration with various teenage artists. Can you tell us a bit more about that writing process?
When I first began, even before I began writing a single word, the one thing I knew about Thea Denny was that she was a brilliant fifteen-year-old artist. Then again, what does that mean, really? In terms of her artwork, I didn’t have any particular style or medium or artist in mind, so I had to look around and start gathering ideas, hunt for clues in bits and pieces and jpegs. So I started looking all over the internet for young artists whose work really floored me, teens producing work way beyond their years, and in the process, I realized there was no better way to create this character and make her truly genuine than to work with actual teen artists.


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