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A Greyhound of a Girl

A Greyhound of a Girl - Roddy Doyle I've read a few other Roddy Doyle books before, all meant for adults and all of the literary fiction type. A Greyhound of a Girl is almost completely different: it's meant for children, and it's more magical realism than anything else. Like all of Roddy Doyle's books, however, Greyhound is about family, and about navigating the rough waters that come with family. And that's great! What's not so great is basically everything else.The story in Greyhound is very interesting-- I love ghosts!-- and roadtrips as physical manifestations of a character's internal journey are pretty cool. The characters were cute and, overall, it's a very easy-to-read book. However, the voices of all the characters felt the same, which was disappointing. They didn't feel like individual people, not like in Roddy Doyle's other books. I had also hoped the roadtrip part would play a more prominent role in the story, but it only showed up at the end and wasn't all that big of a deal after all. So it's not my favorite Roddy Doyle book ever, but I think it might be a good one for kids to read before they move on to his adult books. It's a good sampling of the sorts of things that show up in his other books, even if it's not the BEST sampling.

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