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The Haunting of Tabitha Grey

The Haunting of Tabitha Grey - Vanessa Curtis Yay: Ghosts! Creepy old houses with vaguely unhappy pasts. Suspense and thrills and chills. "Am I insane or is everyone else?" Hints of stuff that's not-quite-right adding up to an unexpected ending. Nay: Nobody but Tabitha really has a personality. She's got a boyfriend and a best friend but they're useless and boring. Verdict: Despite the lackluster support cast, the story is spooky and interesting and kept me reading all the way through 'til the end. I didn't expect the ending, though neither did it come out of left field. The ghosts were genuinely spooky though nothing along the lines of a Stephen King novel. And I liked that Tabitha was just a normal kid who had normal problems.

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