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The Daffodil Mystery

The Daffodil Murder - Edgar Wallace Yay: Decent mystery. Weird balance of non-racist/racist portrayal of a Chines character (he speaks excellent English, he's a great detective, and he solves things faster and quicker than the non-Chinese detective does. His Chinese, however, is written weirdly and he's "inscrutable," among other stereotypical things).Nay: Almost everything else. "I only know two things about you but I love you and want to marry you." "Heroines" who faint so much I'm surprised they can even function indepandently of the hero. The mystery goes on for way too long after the reveal of the solution.Verdict: I basically hated it. The writing is the sort of thing you'd expect from Edgar Wallace, but I was hoping for more spice in the female character than what we actually got. I'd read another of his mysteries just to see if it's better than this one, but not any time soon.

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