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The Princetta

The Princetta - Anne-Laure Bondoux Originally posted on January 24, 2009 at Here There Be Books.As soon as I read the prologue, I knew I'd like this book. Strong-willed female lead? Check! A world slightly different to our own, slightly different but still recognizable? Check! Adventure on the horizon? Double check!I liked Malva, even though she tends to be obstinate and stubborn. I liked most of the characters, in fact, even poor spineless Orpheus. The writing style was perfect: it's formal enough to bring that air of old-fashioned fairy tale wafting in, but friendly and gentle enough to be engaging. The story itself reminds me of a Greek myth. Something like The Odyssey, maybe-- and of course there's the little thing of Orpheus' name. And though the plot is a little predicable, I certainly did not expect the ending. It was sad, because of a certainly spoiler-y thing which I don't want to mention, but I think it fit in with Malva's characterization. I didn't expect to be okay with it, but I am.The only real problem I had with The Princetta was that there were these massive time skips several times throughout the story, and I was never entirely sure how far away I was from the beginning of the story. Made me feel a little lost, and even a little confused.There are some things in the book that I feel I should mention, because they're possibly objectionable for younger teens/kids/their parents: suicide, torture, a harem full of kidnapped girls, assassination attempts, fighting (including stabbing and beheading), and death. None of them are explicitly described, and I'm sure that younger kids probably wouldn't even think that much of them, or even really understand them, but nevertheless I'd recommend the book for maybe...14 and up?I really did have a fun time reading this. It's a terrific adventure, with plenty of action and romance and creepy creatures and character growth. And, as it was originally written in French, the translation was fantastic. (I didn't even notice it was a translation until I read the about-the-author bit.)Read: January 2009

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