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Street Dreams

Street Dreams - Tama Wise This review was originally posted at Here There Be Books on January 20, 2012.The problem (if it can be called a "problem") with reading so many great books in a short amount of time is that the books that aren't great but are still good seem even less good than they normally would if they'd were read after a streak of sucky books. Do you know what I mean? Street Dreams isn't a bad book. I just wasn't as wowed with it as I wanted to be.I liked Tyson! He's got a lot of problems and he doesn't always know what to do, and sometimes he's too dependent on a dream of an imaginary savior who'll fix things for him, but I liked that about him. He's got faults! I love characters who have faults that they have to work through! I also liked the characters surrounding Tyson-- especially the adorable dude who ends up as Tyson's boyfriend. They all felt like very real people to me, warts and all. That said, despite the fact that I liked the characters, and the music/art stuff was very interesting (especially since it was centered around local New Zealand artists), for some reason I wasn't blown away with the book as a whole. It's a very low-key book, and I think it was overshadowed by the non-low-key books I read immediately before it. That's not Street Dreams' fault, and in fact I feel pretty bad that I don't love it more, but, well. It's not a bad book, remember! In fact, if you want to read more GLBTQ books, or books set in non-US places written by non-US authors, or books with POC characters, then Street Dreams fits perfectly. And it's totally worth reading, too!

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