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Haint Misbehavin'

Haint Misbehavin' - Maureen Hardegree Originally posted at Here There Be Books.I liked this one a LOT more than I thought I would, based on that horrible cover. It reminds me a lot of a Judy Blume book for some reason (maybe the fighting siblings/bullying aspect?) only there are ghosts and hauntings and it's set in the South. Heather is a tough character to like-- she's sympathetic because her sister is so horrible to her and because of the whole "this ghost kid is ruining my life" thing, but she's also really whiny and awkward in a way that makes you want to cringe. She spends a lot of the book running around denying who she is, hiding from the bullies, and being basically completely clueless. So I can understand why some people didn't like her!However! She gets a LOT better by the end of the book, with help from some secondary characters who aren't entirely horrible. I will admit that the ending was a little bit slap-dash, though. I hate it when characters are given motivations for their actions way at the end like that'll make you feel bad for them after you've spent so much time hating them, for example. And I've got the feeling that Heather will go right back to where she was in the beginning of this book just in time for her to repeat the whole learning experience again for the next book. Which is disappointing, I think. Despite all that, though, I really liked it. I thought it was funny and a bit heart-breaking and I like that the ghosts aren't cuddly or cute (and neither is the protagonist). If you like stories set in the South with ghosts and/or YA coming of age stuff, then you might like Haint Misbehavin'.

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