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Demon Ororon, The Volume 1: v. 1

The Demon Ororon, Vol. 1 - Mizuki Hakase -- Originally reviewed at Here There Be Books. --When I was younger and untrained in the ways of manga, I'd read whatever I could get my hands on and not care about the art style or story content. Now that Ive branched out beyond shonen and shoujo (into seinen, actually), I'm much more picky, and unfortunately this manga does not make the cut.The plot is a feasibly interesting one: king of Hell runs away to Earth, meets a angel-human hybrid, falls in love, questions his morals, etc. In reality it's melodramatic and weepy and I was frequently confused. Though I can handle angst when it's necessary and done well, here it's just piled on and then sledgehammered into a slightly recognizable shape: waif no-one loves finds someone to love her; he does, etc. It's kind of like the poor little match girl, except with demons and fashionably androgynous clothing.So, yeah, melodramatic. Also I hated the art (everyone was so thin and stick-like, like they'd break if ever caught in a stiff wind), the characters (boring!), and the story. It seems like it's been done before, and done better, and I don't think The Demon Ororon brought anything new to the table. Also I was frequently confused with all these new story lines brought in abruptly and then abandoned like so much dirty laundry. It jumped around a lot, and yet was simultaneously boring.For all that, it wasn't absolutely, completely terrible. I can see the attraction someone might have to it, especially people who love angel/demon romances. The art could have been quite stylish if it was more consistent and if the characters didn't all look the same. And the romance itself, once you shifted out all the dreck, was kind of sweet. If it was written in a different way, with some different art, I might have even liked it.Oh, and though it's marketed as 13+, it's got some nudity and sexual violence in it, so, er. I'd say 15+ minimum.

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